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Price: $175.00

Item Number: 658-12206


The material is manufactured by extruding one color on the inside and a contrasting color on the outside. The layers are combined while the material is still molten.

The result is a homogenous sheet that is guaranteed not to delaminate, crack or chip. It is superior to other sign materials, which are separate layers of material laminated together.

Densetec Sign Board is easily routed or engraved using current CNC router technology. As the skin of the material is removed by the router, the inside color shows through and, voila, a sign is easily fabricated with minimum finishing requirements. The material does not have to be painted because the color is embedded into the sheet. The durable textured finish resists scratches and marring. The product is UV stabilized to resist deterioration in harsh outdoor environments, making it the perfect signage material.



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