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Tripp Enterprises can produce high-quality products to your exacting specifications. Any of the products on this page, or something of your own design, can be produced.

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Display box protects and allows close viewing of precious objects.

Item Number: 183



Tripp Enterprises can fabricate custom-made trail map dispensers. They can be clear or colored and are available in a variety of sizes.


Contact Tripp Enterprises for more information on our trail map dispensers.

Item Number: 184



This sleigh was created by laser cutting the shape from flourescent blue acrylic. Once the bag of caramel corn was added with the candy cane, it became a very attractive Christmas gift.

Contact Tripp for corporate gift items.

Item Number: 192



Tripp Enterprises can have a variety of items embedded in acrylic to produce a work of art you'd be proud to display.

Please contact Tripp for pricing and availability on this custom-made item.

Item Number: 799-xxxxx




This 36" diameter sign was created by printing the multiple-color digital print and applying it to the second (bakc) surface of colorless matte finish acrylic that is .236" thick.


This gives a rich, vibrant appearance with a matte finish that keeps the sign from being lost in reflections. An estimated cost would be in the $200 range for single signs of a similar design, not including art layouts or proofs.


Contact Tripp for a quote on your own specific requirement. 


Please note: Tripp Enterprises is not licenced to sell items with the Washoe County seal.


Item Number: 199


Price: $47.46


This holder will accommodate an 8-1/2" x 11" form. It has a beveled black back, and a non-glare clear face. Four decorative brass screws hold the clear face secured. Attractive and simple to use, Tripp's Certificate Holders can be used to display awards, diplomas, business licenses, etc.

Item Number: 779-xxx02



From fume hoods to custom tanks Tripp can fabricate and weld products out of HDPE and PP.

Item Number: 186


Item Number: 188


Item Number: 189

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