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Densetec Marine Board is specially formulated to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor marine environments. It is UV-stabilized to resist damage and retain its beauty, even after years of direct sunlight. Increasingly, Marine Board is replacing wood and laminates in boating applications. It does not splinter, crack, delaminate, rot, swell or absorb water like traditional materials. Even under heavy foot traffic on yacht decks, it remains virtually maintenance-free. In addition, there is no need to stain or paint Marine Board every few years. The color is integrated with the polymer and retains its vibrant appearance better than painted wood.

Fabricating and finishing are easy with standard woodworking tools. Marine Board forms easily for smooth curves and bends. Since there is no grain pattern, parts can be cut from any part of the sheet, virtually eliminating waste for greater economy.

Marine board comes in three standard colors: Polar White, Dolphin Gray and Black.

Custom colors: Light Gray, Seafoam and Sandshade

Standard thicknesses are: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1"

Sheet size: 54" x 96"


Click on the photo above for color selection, examples of things it's used for and data sheets

Contact Tripp Plastics for price and availability on this unique product.

Item Number: 645-xxxxx



Traditional wooden cutting boards are no match for boards fabricated from Desetec HDPE Cutting Board. Wood and other traditional materials absorb bacterial, splinter, chip, swell, peel, rot, warp, bend and crack. HDPE cutting Board eliminates these problems, substantially outlasting cutting boards made from other materials.

Engineered for durability, low maintenance and safety, HDPE cutting board has a textured surface which safely holds food in place without slipping. The "natural" bright wihte color is favored for its sanitary look. Knives tend to stay sharp when cutting on HDPE Cutting Board, as the surface tends to"give" more than other materials. In addition, because of its unique molecular structure, knife marks and cuts tend to seal and be less visible than on other materials.

HDPE Cutting Board is available in colors, allowing not only decorating options, but color coding the food to the color of the cutting board, such as blue for fish, red for red meat, yellow for poultry, etc.

Standard colors: "Natural" unpigmented white, red, yellow, blue, green and beige (all colors are NSF approved) Please note: colors are not a standard item in all thicknesses. For specifics, contact Tripp Enterprises.


NOTE:  Most colors require the purchase of a full sheet

NOTE 2:  Black is not a standard color
Standard thicknesses: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4"

Standard sheet sizes: 48" x 96", 48" x 120" and 60" x 120"

Tripp Enterprises can also provide cutting boards cut to your specific size, with finished edges for ease and safety of handling.

Contact Tripp for pricing and availability.


Item Number: 645-xxxx3


Price: $25.00


Tripp’s exclusive high-density cutting board is rugged, versatile and long-lasting. Made from Densetec cutting board, they are USDA and FDA approved. It is also FDA certified under Standard 51. Among the features:

  •   Made from ½” thick stock
  •   Rounded corners eliminate sharp edges
  •   Measures approximately 11-1/2” x 18-1/2”
  •    Rubber bumpers on the bottom prevents the board from sliding on smooth                    surfaces. The bumpers are held in place by rust-resistant stainless steel screws.  
  •   A grease trough around the perimeter is ½” wide and .130” deep.
  •     Lightweight at less than 4 lbs

Tripp’s cutting boards are normally stocked in a natural white. A variety of custom colors are available to allow kitchens to color-code what is cut on a particular board. For instance, red for beef, green for vegetables, yellow for chicken and so on.


For pictures of this product, exclusive to Tripp Plastics, see the listing under "Specialty Cutting Boards".


For information about the available colors, or for a quote on a custom size or shape, contact your Tripp Plastics representative.

Item Number: 799-12117b



These are remnant pieces of FDA-approved Densetec High Density Polyethylene cutting board which we are making available at a discounted price. They are slightly larger than the size listed.  Contact Tripp Plastics for larger quantities. They are a natural white color with a texture on both sides, standard for plastic cutting boards. Edges are unfinished. This material is not UV stabilized, so it is primarily meant for indoor use.


Note: Items are subject to prior sale.


We are aware of a couple glitches in our website order processing system. One prevents customers from ordering multiple line items of this product. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and hope to have it rectified soon.


In most cases, only one is available per size. The second glitch we discovered allows customers to order more than one of a size listed. We do not always have more than one of a particular size. Although we are working to correct this problem, even though you may be able to order more than one, it does not mean we have it available. We will contact you if this becomes the case.


Thank you for your patience.

Item Number: 645-X5



Normally sold under the brand names "Coroplast" or Corr-X, this lightweight, double-skin material has a variety of uses, most commonly seen as outdoor political signs.

Standard thickness: 4MM & 10MM

Sheet sizes: (4MM) 18" x24", 24" x 18", 48" x 96", 30" x 145" (Note: the flutes run the length of the second dimension, for example, on the 48" x 96", the holes are on the 48" sides)

(10MM): 48" x 96"

Other sizes available upon request.

Colors: White is the most common color used and it is stocked in the greatest variety of sheet sizes.  Other colors available on a custom order basis are: Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Brown, Black and natural

Tripp Enterprises
will also cut Fluted Polyolefin to size and fabricate it as well.

Contact Tripp for price and availability information.

Item Number: 640-xxxx1

Price: $1.40


This opaque material is used for making patterns, is lightweight and economical. It has a matte finish to accept pencil or ink markings.


This product is shipped coiled in a box.

Item Number: 327-29118

Price: $1.65


This opaque material is used for making patterns, is lightweight and economical. It has a matte finish to accept pencil or ink markings.


This product is shipped coiled in a box.

Item Number: 327-25928

Price: $2.30


This opaque material is used for making patterns, is lightweight and economical. It has a matte finish to accept pencil or ink markings.


This product is shipped coiled in a box.

Item Number: 327-25929




Densetec High Density Polyethylene Pipe Grade Sheet is a higher molecular weight material than standard HDPE. The material displays improved performance characteristics in a variety of applications. In addition, the material is UV stabilized, making it ideal for use in demanding outdoor applications. It retains its properties at termperatures between -220 degrees F and 180 degrees F and resists most chemicals.


It is also NSF certified under Standard 61 to be used in potable water piping systems.


Densetec Pipe Grade can be used in a variety of applications including manhole lidsa and bottoms, pipe reducers, trenches, sumps, pipe flanges, pipe end caps, tanks, milled flange adaptors and lifting lugs.


Color: Black

Standard sheet size: 48 x 96, 60 x 120

Typical thicknesses: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"



  • UV Resistant
  • Weldable
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Stiffness for machine parts


Contact Tripp for pricing and availability of this product

Item Number: 645-xxxx1b


Densetec Playground Board is making a big splash in the playground industry. The variety of bright contrasting colors make it perfectly suited to this environment where high impact colors are required. Because the color is embedded in the sheet, it never needs painting. Especially with the rigors and abuse that children inflict upon playground equipment, this material lasts much longer than wood. The versatile properties of Densetec Playground Board make it virtually vandal resistant. The UV stabilizers added to the material make the colors fade-resistant and the standard properties of the HDPE used in the production of Densetec Playground Board make it weather-resistant and the perfect choice for outdoor environments. Design potential is unlimited with Densetec Playground Board. Tripp Enterprises welcomes custom orders. We can assist you in your design and engineering requirements.

Item Number: 645-0000xx



Densetec Anti-Skid Sheet is an ideal material for use as decking in boats, water parks, around pools, or anywhere an anti-skid surface would be advantageous. Use Anti-Skid sheet to create a safe walkway or platform, especially effective in wet conditions.

Densetec Anti-Skid sheet is available in two embossed finishes: Diamond pattern or Dot pattern.

NOTE: Densetec Anti-Skid sheet at this time is MOSTLY a run-to-order material with minimum order requirements. Some products, however can be shipped from stock. White with a dot-pattern surface is usually available in 1/2" and 3/4" in 48" x 96" sheets.


Contact Tripp Plastics for price and availability on this product.



Item Number: 645-xxxx1



High Abrasion Resistance
High Impact Resistance
Low Coefficient of Friction
Chemical Resistant
Can be machined to a high degree of precision
Less expensive than stainless steel
Excellent retrofit for protective linings
Adaptable to a wide variety of applications

UHMW Sheet exhibits the properties of excellent impact strength, abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, as well as very good chemical resistance. This industrial grade material is also moisture, stain and odor resistant, and is FDA approved to be used in the food processing industry. The material is ideally suited for wear applications especially in contact with metals. UHMW is widely used in industrial applications such as chute linings, dock bumpers, paper machine parts, and conveyor wear strips and can easily be machined with ordinary wood working tools.

Item Number: 647-xxxxx

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